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World Politics and Trade Assignment

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Paper #2

Worth 25% of your final grade- Please choose either one of the following research topics: Do not forget formal citation IN your paper AND a REFERENCE PAGE:

A.)  How did the US Economic Crisis of 2008 impact the world market; specifically-how did it impact the European Union? What were the global political impacts of a weak US economy and how has this struggling American economy impacted the USA’s ability to make sovereign decisions globally? Has a weak US economy impacted our presence on the world stage and has it impacted our own sovereignty in some fashion? Why or why not?

B.)   Please choose one global environmental issue that impacts US foreign and/or domestic policy? How did this issue become so critical and what is the US doing to protect, enforce or fix this problem? In your opinion; does this issue impact the future of US sovereignty? Why or why not? 

APA OR MLA FORMAT AND 1500-2000 words

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