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This privacy policy was updated on 2nd February 2021

Our privacy policy is used in determining how we collect and utilize information on this website and during the provision of our services through the website

a). By visiting this website, you agree to our terms and conditions that are laid in this policy, which are subject to change with time. Any time you visit our website, you give your consent to us to collect, use and disclose the information that is given by you according to the progressions that are explain in this policy

b). We register any of the following types of information:

  • Locality
  • Operating system
  • The type of information
  • Duration of visit
  • Number of pages requested
  • Personal information when joining using other social media platforms

Utilization of cookies

Our website may gather information about your general information using cookies. Our website utilizes cookies to help our visitors personalize their online experience.

You can accept or decline cookies. Some web browsers automatically accept the cookies, but a new user can set the browser to decline the cookies according to their preference.

Our server processes your IP address when you visit our website only during the time you visit our website, and the information is what we using exclusively for processing and controlling finances.

We are legally obligated to secure your consent to keep your payment details for future use.


The payment information is required for us to offer the services needed by our clients. The payment information is used purposely by the services of the website including the billing, processing and controlling remittances.

We have the obligation to seek consent from you to allow the storage of information to secure the database which is maintained by the service providers. There can be no payment made unless the consent to storage is given. We use the security protocols to guard your payment details.

The providers of the payment services will collect your details and any other required information under their regulations. We have different partners who offer payment services and therefore our website offers several potions that our clients can utilize. However, the service providers will not keep your payment details for long durations than it is required. The information is kept until the relevant legal basis are stated.

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