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Week 5 Research Assignment NR 505

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Week 5 Research Summary Assignment NR 505


This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to find and appraise resources related to the PICOT question from Week 2. The focus of this assignment is to evaluate pertinent literature that supports the practice change intervention.

Note: You are to locate original studies with research conducted and published by the primary investigator. You may also use quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods studies, meta-analyses or Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

Find and review ten (10) scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles, meta-analyses, or CPGs in support of the practice change intervention. Complete the appropriate section in the worksheet for each article.

  1. State the PICOT question
  2. For each article, supply the information for each of the seven headings for the appropriate article type.

Preparing the Assignment:

  1. Use the designated Research Summary Table Worksheet(Links to an external site.) to supply the required information.
  2. All scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles must be current within a 5-year time frame unless a valid rationale is provided, and the instructor has approved the use of an older reference.

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