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Webpage Design information technology Assignment

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Webpage Design Information Technology Assignment

Create a Microsoft Word Document with the following information:

Portfolio Platform: Identify your selected portfolio (recall that options include website-building platforms to create a custom HTML/CSS-based portfolio). Make sure that it is sharable and editable for the future.

Method For Gathering Course Assignments: Identify how you will collect and organize all assignments, projects, and discussion posts completed throughout the course. (Example: Create a folder to store your project materials and establish a consistent naming convention throughout the course.)
Talk about how you will gather your assignments, where and how you will save them, if and what naming convention you will use, how you will present all of your information and any struggles you have had with this.

Portfolio Outline: Plan the structure of your portfolio, creating sections to showcase assignments, projects, discussion posts, acquired, and a brief self-introduction (Ex, you can divide your website by module or assignment type).

Double-check spelling and grammar before uploading your submission. APA FORMAT

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