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Unemployment Law Journal Assignment

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Contrast the rights of public employees with private sector employees to organize and bargain collectively. What authority do the unions have in each sector? Do you feel there is a tendency in your home state to favor the rights of public employees or the private sector? Are unions celebrated, or is the emphasis on the right to work? Share your rationale.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

Scholarly Activity


You are a new union representative. Draft a memo requesting copies of documents, policies, and procedures the union has in place so you can begin your job effectively. Be sure to indicate the importance of these documents on your position. 

Your memo should be at least one full page. Below is a suggested format for the memo: 


 (Include the name of the supervisor and any others to whom the memo needs to be sent)

 (Your name and role in the organization/union)


 Specify the Topic (In this case—Requesting specific documents, policies, and procedures pertaining to your role as the new union representative)


 Include paragraph explaining your request (For example: “I am compelled to express concern about how we at ____ Company handle issues related to equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment prevention laws. In an attempt to do my job efficiently and effectively, I respectfully request the following documents, policies, and procedures that reflect our organization’s efforts to affirm equal employment opportunity and those documents that reflect the organization’s sexual harassment prevention efforts:”)
Name of document
Name of document
Name of document 

Requested date:

 (When would you like to meet with the company leadership to discuss the documents?) 

Be sure close the memo with a sincere thank you for the cooperation of the person(s) to whom the memo is addressed and a desire to work together often in the future. References and citations are not necessary for this assignment.

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