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U.S International Students Research

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Using your textbook, and the Internet, respond to the following question:

●  Identify the field(international students in the U.S.) in which you are interested in doing your potential dissertation research. Explain the aspects of this field that attract your attention. 

In addition to the textbook, include a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your discussion.

Question 2:

Many times, students choose topics that are too broad to be consistent with the timeframe and the capacity of the student for completing the dissertation.  

●  Please provide a detailed description of the topic that you chose for your potential dissertation and its connection to the field that you mentioned in answering this week’s discussion question. (how to run a successful university which students group are mainly international students in the U.S.)

Note that the chosen topic may be refined in the assignments in the subsequent weeks.

Please provide, in addition to the textbook, a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your activity.

Question 3:(1 page 1 reference)

Review the chapter readings of this week and appraise the following: 

●  The major issues in determining the sample size

●  The point estimate, an unbiased point estimate, and argue how the sample mean can be an unbiased estimate of the population mean

●  Justify that the sample variance is an unbiased estimate of the population variance.

Question 4:

Provide complete solutions to Exercises listed in Appendix# 2 

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