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Types of Hackers Case Study Discussion

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D 2.1

From the lecture and from chapter 2 of the book, What are the types of hackers and what defines them? A hacker’s skills can range from the novice to the very experienced.  What differentiates a novice hacker versus a very experienced hacker?  What are the ways that a hacker can “perfect” their skills?  

CS 2.1

Conduct research on one of the following attacks (DAPT, Stuxnet, Duqu, or the Iran Certificate Attack.  In a 3 to 4 page paper (not including title and reference pages) provide a brief synopsis of the attack.  Use what you’ve learned in the first 3 chapters of the course.  Some information that should be included in your paper is, the type of attack, why the attack occurred, and who conducted the attack.    Be sure to cite your sources and follow APA formatting.  Some sources for the attacks can be found on page 50 of your online textbook. 



Book Review Chapter 2

Chapter two, write a 3-4 page review (not including the Title page or Reference page) of the chapter. The review is to give your point of view on one of the topics  based on the web sites found on page 50 of the book

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