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Turning Trends into Strategies Discussion

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Discussion: Preparation and Planning is Key: Turning Trends into Strategies

As a health care leader, you know that preparation and planning is key to the success of the health care organization. While we cannot predict all future situations—for example, the COVID-19 pandemic—we can definitely use our knowledge and heath care history to plan accordingly. According to Managed Healthcare® Executive (2019) the biggest issues facing health care today are:

1.   Costs and Transparency

 6.   Holistic Individual health

2.   Consumer Experience

 7.   Next Generation Payment Models

3.   Delivery System Transformation

 8.   Accessibly Points of Care

4.   Data and Analytics

 9.   Health Care Policy

5.   Interoperability/Consumer Data Access

 10.   Privacy/Security

Pick 5 of the issues outlined by Managed Healthcare® Executive. Discuss and provide insights on how your organization/facility (Oriana’s Sister Care- Fighting for victims of domestic violence)will strategically prepare and plan for future pandemics and overcome these trending issues.

Managed Healthcare ® Executive. (2019). The biggest issues facing healthcare today. Retrieved from

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