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Transportation means Discussion Assignment

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Transportation means Discussion Assignment


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This week we have been learning about the economic impact of different transportation modes. A looming question is passengers or freight. We have seen many of the modes share freight and passengers without difficulties and yet others that separate the two. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of both philosophies.

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As we all know, transportation means the difference in modes of operation. The sharing of transportation modes between both freight and passengers could be either catastrophic or advantageous, depending on which mode is utilized. There are some advantages when we utilize the combination transport. For example, an automobile has enough capacity to carry some freight while also carry passengers. Various modes have tried to accommodate both entities, but some without benefit. There are some modes that keep them together so that security is not entirely affected. Since the two systems share the groundwork with rail, road, and ports some of the same methods for freight transport use the same planning models for passengers (Rodrigue, 2013). Transportation means Discussion Assignment

Intermodal freight transportation involves moving freight from its origin to its destination, in other words, from a to b. Oftentimes both pipelines and buses have not found appropriate ways to manage both. Many of the other modes have found ways to accommodate both and do in a way that is advantageous to the carrier. In most cases both are carried in the same vehicle, for instance, in air transport where about 80% of the freight is transported in the cargo holds of passenger aircraft. Keep in mind the disadvantages for transportation modes that transport passengers because some have some limitations due to having limited luggage storage capacity. Yes, the airline industry has had a few setbacks due to the pandemic. Since the pandemic there has been a slight drop in passenger traffic, but air cargo traffic only declined by 2%.


Rodrigue, J.P. (2013). The Geography of Transport Systems. 3rd Edition. Retrieved from

Good morning class. This week we are talking about moving passengers and cargo while some modes move both at the same time other separate them. Comparing the different modes and discussing why it does or does not work. In the experience that I have had it is almost always mixing the passengers and cargo. This aspect is due to the fact that the military has limited resources to move all of the requirements. In addition the units that are moved in support of operations sometimes need to move with their equipment and in rare situations the user is the only one qualified to load and down load the requirements. This is typically seen with helicopter units into and out of the operational area.

While moving these requirements is advantageous it is not always possible in the civilian world. Many times the aircraft are no build to transport both passengers and cargo. The types of aircraft that are able to support this type of move is typically a combi aircraft that will allow for cargo in the front and seats for passengers in the rear. Issues that arise during these type of movements are compatibility with hazardous cargo and passengers. While moving these requirements via military airlift there is no longer the same issues because the active duty folks are not considered to be passengers. The military is also governed by AFJMAN 24-604 and allows for less stringent authorities in order to be moved.

The civilian modes that typically move these requirements both passengers and cargo together are the larger 747 aircraft and ships. The railroads have been moving passengers and cargo together for some time but it is not as prevalent as the air movements. So in conclusion the possibility is available but the restrictions within the regulations for the civilian modes limit the capability


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