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Translating Evidence Into Practice

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Translating Evidence Into Practice



The purpose of this discussion is for you to evaluate a National Practice Problem within the context of your practice problem idea and technology expansion within your healthcare setting.


Select one leading National Practice Problem that is prevalent in your patient population or healthcare setting and address the following:

  1. Describe an issue related to the National Practice Problem you selected that impacts quality, safety, or financial outcomes in your practice setting.
  2. Elaborate how technology such as the electronic medical record might assist in implementing, evaluating, or sustaining an evidence-based intervention to address the identified problem.

    Program Competencies

    This discussion enables the student to meet the following program competencies:

    1. Applies organizational and system leadership skills to affect systemic changes in corporate culture and to promote continuous improvement in clinical outcomes. (PO 6)
    1. Appraises current information systems and technologies to improve health care. (POs 6, 7)

    Course Outcomes

    producing credible communication 11081 Assignment

  3. This discussion enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

    1. Use information technology to collect and analyze data to generate evidence-based nursing practice across healthcare settings. (PC 4; PO 7)
    1. Design programs that monitor and evaluate outcomes of care, care systems, and quality improvement. (PC 4; PO 7)
    1. Evaluate the types of healthcare information systems, knowledge-based systems, and patient care technology and their impact on patient safety, quality of care, and outcome measurement. (PC 4; PO 7)
    1. Resolve ethical and legal issues related to information, communication networks, and information and patient care technology. (PCs 2, 4; PO 6)


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