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Transformational Leadership Assignment

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Goal: Explain the varying approaches and behaviors that define transformational leadership

Assignment: Using the two handouts on transformative leadership from the “My school” library database, the class text, and your personal experience document the varying approaches and behaviors that define transformational leadership, you are to complete a writing assignment on transformative leadership to include:

Focus: Your paper should include the concepts of focus on:

•How transformational leaders show individualized consideration to followers by paying attention to and meeting the needs of followers.

•How Transformative leadership stimulates ideas and creativity from followers by creating a safe environment to challenge the status quo.

•How Transformative leadership has a vision that inspires and motivates followers to achieve important goals.

•How Transformative leaders serve as role models for their followers, allow them to identify with a shared organizational vision, and provide a sense of meaning and achievement.

This paper should be well-formatted with the above three clear headings and subheadings and should be in APA format, Times New Roman 12, and should be a minimum of 4 pages double-spaced, excluding cover or title and reference pages. This completed paper must be submitted to the appropriate assignment unit in MS Word format. YOU WILL ALSO NEED AT LEAST 8 REFERENCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.

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