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Theory Of Evolution By Charles Darwin

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Theory Of Evolution By Charles Darwin


Read the PowerPoint presentation attached then See the videos below and answer the questions.

  • Theory of Evolution: How did Darwin come up with it? (5:23)
  • People of Science / Sir David Attenborough on Charles Darwin (4:53)
  • Meet Charles Darwin’s Grandpa, Erasmus (3:12)
  • Erasmus Darwin The Scientist (3:53)
  • Erasmus and Charles (4:57) •

  1. Who was Charles Darwin?
  2. What was the name of the boat Charles Darwin sailed on when he developed his theory of Evolution?
  3. During his voyage, what was the first physical clue that led him to his theory?
  4. Describe the difference between artificial selection and natural selection.
  5. Why are the tortoises of the Galapagos Islands different, depending on their physical environment?
  6. True or false: Darwin believed that all species on the planet descended from one common ancestor.
  7. Who was Alfred Russell Wallace?
  8. What was the title of Darwin’s first groundbreaking book?
  9. True or false: Darwin believed that God had a hand in the process of evolution.
  10. True or false: Scientists have attempted but failed to prove Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  11. True or false: By collecting and studying different varieties of beetles, Darwin was able to further develop his theory of genealogy in individual species
  12. Why did Darwin say he “felt sick” every time he saw a peacock’s tail?
  13. True or false: Understanding how the peacock’s tail evolved helped Darwin to understand sexual selection.
  14. Research the definition of “natural selection” and briefly explain what it is IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
  15. True or false: Darwin did not believe we descended from Simian ancestors.
  16. According to Sir David Attenborough, what was Darwin like as a person?
  17. True or false: Darwin based his theory of evolution on genetics.
  18. Who was Erasmus Darwin?
  19. What was his connection to Charles Darwin?
  20. True or false: Erasmus Darwin was considered to be the progenitor (originator) of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.
  21. In the video “Erasmus and Charles”, which part (or parts) did you find most interesting, and why?

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