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Theory Informed Practice In Social Work

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Theory Informed Practice In Social Work


As a social work student, it is important to understand the need for theory-informed practice. As you assess, intervene, and evaluate in your practice, theory is an essential foundation for clinical social work. The use of theory to inform and guide your practice is what establishes you as a professional. In working with clients, you should always be aware of the underlying theory of your clinical approach. Through this course, you will develop the ability to better articulate the theoretical base by which you choose your interventions. You will use theory in every decision you make as it guides you through your practice. Additionally, identifying the theories in assessing and creating change will make you a more confident and skilled social work practitioner.

By Day 4

Post  an analysis and description of the importance of the use of theory in clinical practice. Then describe how the use of theory relates to the social issue you presented in your Introductory Video for this week’s Assignment.

(LGBTQ+ population social issues) The individuals face discrimination, the discrimination affects the mental health and financial well being of the LGBTQ+ individuals, they have difficulties getting access to necessary medical care, transgender individuals have difficulties getting health care access and are sometimes discriminated against by health care providers.

use APA format, double spacing

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