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Theory and Philosophical Approaches Discussion

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Part I: Refamiliarize yourself with the theories and philosophical approaches of the following:

  • Action research (AR)
  • Process consultation (PC)
  • Appreciative inquiry (AI)
  • Whole-system thinking
  • Organization consulting

Part II: Inform your classmates of the organization with whom you will be doing your consulting project.

 Your post should include the following:

  • Type of organization
  • Description of and information on the organization (e.g., Web sites, press, and published documents)
  • Number of employees or key members
  • Opportunities that were initially identified
  • Issues the organization faces on which you will be focusing

Part III: Reflect and share your current comfort level with your knowledge of AR, PC, AI, and the implementation of your project. What are you most excited about? What concerns you most?

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