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The Theory Practice Gap and Nursing Research

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The Theory Practice Gap and Nursing



As the nursing profession continually evolves, practice knowledge is increasing and closing the theory-practice gap. The purpose of this discussion is to explore how nursing theory is used as a framework in nursing research, building the body of professional nursing knowledge.


  1. Using one of the articles provided in this week’s course announcement, identify the nursing theory used to frame the nursing research.
  2. Analyze the selected nursing theory and describe how the theory applies to nursing’s metaparadigm, including each of the following:
    • Person
    • Health
    • Environment
    • Nursing

I chose the article on breastfeeding guided by Swanson’s theory of Caring.

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Swanson’s middle-range theory of caring is grounded on the nurse’s innate nurturing behavior. A nurse demonstrates several attitudes toward a patient that is enriched with knowledge, engagement, and performance without focusing on judgment. This behavior is guided by maintaining belief, knowing, being with, doing for, and enabling. The goal is to assess a clinical problem and engage the patient in the care delivery process. The clinician is physically and psychologically involved and there is a mutual understanding of the caring process. The theory applies to nursing’s paradigm of person, health, environment, and nursing………………..


The paradigm environment consists of both internal and external factors related to the recipient of care. These factors include the mother’s state of mind, the infant’s behavior, and misconceptions about the clinician or lactation consultant’s support. Most mothers initiate breastfeeding early in postpartum. Those who hesitate or start late often have low self-confidence.  Swanson’s theory of being with can boost self-confidence and alleviate doubts and misconceptions.

The paradigm of nursing consists of the nurse’s attitude, knowledge, and skills. Clinicians and lactation consultants are required to have an ample understanding of early breastfeeding and its impact on the mother and newborn. Clinicians are a great resource and support system to mothers and infants and therefore, a good knowledge of the care recipient(s), and the ability to solve complex problems is essential. Effective interventions enriched with a caring and nurturing attitude of nurses and lactation consultants are indispensable.

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