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The Self and the Profession NURS17013  

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The Self and the Profession NURS17013

Critical Thinking Add Form


The Critical Thinking Paper is an individual assignment worth 15% of your final grade and is due as scheduled in the Course Schedule (refer to Course Schedule for the due date).  You are expected to submit a professionally completed assignment in APA 7th edition formatting (electronic Dropbox submission due at the START of class). The paper is to be four pages, plus references and a cover sheet.

**If you are not familiar with APA writing style, you need to go to the Library writing center for assistance as soon as possible as this writing format will be used and developed throughout the program.  You need to understand the Sheridan College academic integrity policy before working on any academic assignment**

Marks will be deducted if the assignment is submitted late and/or incomplete.  Assignments not submitted on time will see deductions of 10% per day, excluding weekends. 

What You Need to Do

This assignment is your first paper due in APA writing format, which to do correctly, requires practice with the writing instructions of the APA manual 7th edition and attention to detail. It is an academic paper written in a professional style.

Turnitin: Is a link that permits the student to review their work for plagiarism. You will receive instructions on how to use the program to check your work before submitting your assignment. Since there is turnaround time, you do not want to leave this to the last minute if you are going to get a useful report that gives you time to make necessary changes. You are responsible for academic integrity in your work, and the Sheridan Library is an excellent support. The course professor has access to work checked on the application.

A critical thinking paper demonstrates your beginning knowledge of how to assess evidence related to nursing practice issues. It requires that you explain a problem, support it with evidence from professional journal sources (not the internet), analyze and critique it, and propose a conclusion to your topic as it relates to nursing practice.

What is a professional journal?  It is a scholarly, peer-reviewed article found in a professional journal. It typically has an abstract summarizing the article and includes a review of the literature and may address the topic from research or theoretical perspectives. You will find multitudes of professional journal articles on the Sheridan Library database.

What it is not: It is not a newspaper article, nor a website, nor a magazine, nor an online dictionary or Wikipedia.  It is not a CNO professional standard or guideline. Professional standards and documents are often essential to cite and reference but do count as the required minimum of journal articles and will supplement your work.

The paper will have the following sections:

Introduction to the topic – what is it, why is it being discussed, possibly include what you intend to prove, support, or argue,

Discussion section or the main body where the issues, questions, evidence, is/are discussed, and,

Conclusion with your analysis of the relevance of the topic to nursing practice.

You may choose from the following three selected topics. Be sure to address your issues from a current Canadian perspective as much as possible.  Use a minimum of four (4) professional journal sources, properly cited and referenced as per APA, to support your topic, discussion, and analysis.

  1. Evidence-based practice: What is it? Why use it? Explain the barriers to the use of evidence in nursing practice and strategies to overcome these barriers? Conclude your analysis with the relevance of the topic to nursing practice.
  2. Interprofessional practice: What is it? Does it improve patient care outcomes? What are the barriers to interprofessional practice, and what are strategies to overcome these barriers? Conclude your analysis with the relevance of the topic to nursing practice.
  3. Reflective practice: What is it? Why engage in it? What are the benefits and barriers related to reflection (possibly for students) for practitioners? Conclude your analysis with relevance on the topic for nursing practice.

Refer to the rubric online for the required fields and marks associated with them to guide you as you develop your paper.

Remember that Sheridan Nursing uses APA style formatting. This refers to the American Psychological Association 7th Edition book on writing for publication. The book is available for purchase, and there are many informative links about the writing style found online. Writing assistance is available in the Library virtually.

The Self and the Profession NURS17013

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