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The Meaning Of Real Education

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Answer the following questions in PART A,B,C and D


What is a “real” education? What is the purpose of education? What do you expect to get from your education? 

Respond to the questions above in 1 + 1/2 pages. Please be sure to organize this assignment — develop a clear introduction with a thesis; body paragraphs, with support; and a conclusion. Please submit as an individual Microsoft Word document. 


Read the following article and construct SOAPS notes for it. This should be another Microsoft Word document.

SOAPS should include 4-5 sentences MINIMUM for EACH question. Please label your responses, accordingly: (Subject, Opinion, Audience, Purpose, Speaker)…

Subject: What is the subject? General topic, content, ideas contained in the text… 

Opinion: What is your opinion/response to the reading? 

Audience: Who is the audience? The group of readers or viewers to whom this article is directed? How do you know? 

Purpose: Why is he/she writing or speaking? What is the reason behind the article? 

Speaker: About the speaker — What is his or her tone? Concerned? Matter-of-Fact? Angry? How do you know? Pick at least one quote from the speaker and explain why you chose that quotation —- Why was it important to you? 


In your own words respond to the following question: 

What is the transformative potential of education? 

Your response should be 1/2 a page, submitted as an independent Microsoft Word Document. 


Briefly compare these two articles? What are some of the shared ideas? What are some of the differences in the arguments? Your response should be approximately 1/2 a page. Submit it as a standalone Microsoft Word document. Then write SOAPS notes for each article, in two independent documents, following the above format, outlined in Part B…

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