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The Financial Manager discussion

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1)  Describe in detail the role of the financial manager. Describe in detail the goal of the financial manager.   Describe four types of business forms and their advantages and disadvantages (i.e., LLC). Describe conflicts between stock holders and managers. Describe conflicts between bond holders and stock holders. Should a company behave ethically, why? Should a CEO of a company donate $1 million of a company’s profits to a local charity? 

2)  Describe indirect finance, direct finance, financial intermediaries, financial markets, financial securities, primary market, secondary market, and investment bankers in detail. Also, compare the NYSE and NASDAQ. Describe what a bank does in detail. Discuss a recent IPO in detail (google one and read about it). 

3)  Describe the income statement, balance sheet, statement of cashflows, and statement of retained earnings. Describe how to calculate free cash flow to the firm and what a company can do with it. Describe how debt affects EBIT, NI, and ROE. Describe how to calculate EVA and MVA and why they are good measure of financial performance. Also, describe how annual corporate income taxes owed are calculated step by step. Describe how a company can have a positive net income for the year, but a negative cash flow for the year. 

4)  Describe key financial ratios and its benchmark for a corporation (at least 10 of them). Describe some limitations of financial ratio analysis. Describe enterprise value in detail. Which financial ratios do you think are most important when evaluating a company? How can a company improve its gross profit margin and net profit margin? How can a company improve its ROA and ROE? How can debt be dangerous for a company? Why should a company have a lean balance sheet? How does a company show liquidity on the balance sheet? What important assets are left off the balance sheet (think of Coca Cola)? 

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