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The Film Crash Assignment

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please if you can watch the film crash/ 2004 crime/drama
Although Crash focuses largely on how individuals perpetuate racism and stereotypes, it also portrays how structural or systemic racism and inequality impact our society. What are some of the ways in which the film shows the existence of structural/systemic racism and inequality? How do larger groups or institutions such as, for example, the LAPD, the criminal justice system, the media, or Hollywood perpetuate racism and inequality in the film?

) Crash portrays many ways in which characters judge each other without really knowing one another. Some obvious examples include judging others by their race, class, or gender, but in this film we also see people making judgments about others based off their language, accent, profession, religion, and style of dress, among other examples.

Discuss some of these examples, explaining what judgments and assumptions are made about certain characters and why. Then, explain how the characters’ personal stories help to challenge or disprove some of the judgments and assumptions others make about them.
What does the film teach us about the complexity of the human character?

When we think of characters in literature or film, we often think of “good guys” and “bad guys,” protagonists and antagonists, but in reality, all humans are capable of both good and evil, and we all act in both ethical and unethical ways in different circumstances.

How does the film portray the complexity of humans’ behaviors and actions and reveal the ways in which we are all capable of both good and evil? Choose 2-3 characters to focus your analysis on.
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