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Texas State Discussion Assignment

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Texas State Discussion Assignment


Use and cite all the given sources in the assignment as evidence or examples to support your position.

No external sources are accepted for this assignment.  

Each Texas citizen has one Texas State House member and one Texas State Senate member to represent him or her. Use this website to find your representatives. The “Who Represents Me” section allows you to put in your address and locate your state house and senate members. 

  1. Name your state house and state senate representatives, their party affiliation, their gender and race. What is your (state house and state senate) district numbers?Please click on the link below:

Texas Congress Website—

Elected Officials Directory—

To answer question two you must study chapter three, “Qualifications and Demographics”; “Reapportionment and Redistricting”, and check the provided link below.

  1. How representative is the legislature of the people of Texas (Demographically)? In what ways can representation be defined? What reforms would make the legislature more representative? Texas State Discussion Assignment

Demographic Trends and Population Projections for Texas and the North Texas Region

To answer questions 3, you must study chapter three, “The structure and the size of the Texas Legislature”

  1. Some people contend that smaller constituencies might allow a wider array of people to participate in state politics, rather than just the “rich” or “well born.” How would you argue in favor of or against this statement? 

(chapter 3: The structure and the size of the Texas Legislature) (minimum 2 to 3 paragraphs)


To answer Question Four you must study “Reapportionment and Redistricting” “Political and Racial Gerrymandering”, Read the assigned articles and watch the videos.

  1. To what extent should legislators use race when redistricting? Do you think redistricting is an appropriate tool to provide representation to minority or under served populations? Why or why not? 

To access the articles, please click on the links below:

Texas redistricting: What it is and how it impacts you in 2021–

Texas redistricting case—-


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