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Technology Evolvement Discussion Assignment

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Technology Evolvement Discussion Assignment



Technology is ever-evolving and hence it is very much needed to keep up with the latest technologies. Big data and cloud computing are the hottest technologies in the current market. There is a need for qualified and talented professionals to help in leveraging the top technologies. The 3-F method is a three-step method that is introduced in order to identify the demand for top talent. Firstly, high-frequency words in a specific field are focused on by analyzing the highly cited papers. This is done by searching literature databases and forming a collection for a specific field. The focus on the high-frequency words is done by the text-analysis method. Then those keywords are used to find the talented professionals in those specific fields. In the end, the brain gain index is calculated to determine if a country needs to employ talented professionals in a specific field. There is a specific formula that is used for the calculation of the brain gain index to determine the demand for top talent in the country based on various parameters such as brain gain index of the country, a number of the world’s top talents, world population, and the country’s population (Zhao et al., 2017). This 3-F method is based on the bibliometrics method. The usage of the bibliometrics method and the 3-F method in the United States indicated a good range of brain gain index. The indicators were positive towards the top talents in the area of big data and cloud computing (Raban & Gordon, 2020). So, I feel that the United States doesn’t have to introduce new top talents in the country.



The two courses in today’s world have been able to reveal accurate definitions of technology and its applied areas. The two are there to enhance and address the power of data for new insights into society. In the case of big data, it majorly implies the mining of the most valuable data and information from large or massive volumes of datasets (Chen, Y., 2016). On the other hand, data sciences combine machine learning algorithms and statistical methods that can be used to train computers to perform operations without incorporating much programming and can make predictions to big data. Big data and cloud computing is the new technology and the trend in many emerging industrial organizations. Developing talent’s experience has been in the frontline in guiding with the technology mystery and lately the Europeans countries have been applying this using the big data analysis and technologies. Technology Evolvement Discussion Assignment

The concept of the 3- F method is introduced in computer science to calculate the gain index of the brain to analyze the higher talent and determine whether a country needs to introduce the top skills in a specific industrial field. The three-step method, known as the 3- F, is trained to help describe how top talents can be distributed and decide whether they are needed in the country. Three methods are used mainly to calculate the 3- F method; firstly, we will be able to focus on the high-frequency keywords that will help in the specific fields in the computing technologies. Secondly, we will find out the top talents based on the particular areas of data science. Finally, we will be able to figure out and generate the index of the brain that will help in the estimation of whether we need the top talents. I did a research analyst with the methods flowing as described to check whether the United States needs top talent (Wang, H. 2012). The brain index value of 2.81 means that the United States needs to introduce top talents abroad.


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