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Teamwork Operation Discussion Assignment

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Teamwork Operation Discussion Assignment

Step 1: Answer the prompts in over 150 words:

What part does teamwork play in the operation of a restaurant? (entry1)

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Step 2: Respond to your 2 of your groupmates in over 50 words each.

This is a Required peer-to-peer feedback activity. I want you to think about what your group mates have written and elaborate on what the groupmate has written. You can also respond to the feedback of others within the initial discussion answer. TOTAL 1 entry and 2 responses. Teamwork Operation Discussion Assignment



Teamwork is one of the biggest fundamentals when it comes to operating a restaurant. Without proper communication and cooperation, a restaurant can’t function. Working as a team is essentially the key to success. Specifically with communication. If no one is talking things through and doing their own thing, you are never going to succeed. Delegating tasks to a team and making sure everyone is on the same page and coming together to make the guest experience great is extremely important. Working as a unit is the backbone of a restaurant. Regardless if you are in the front or back of the house, roles are made clear and everyone knows what they are doing. It ensures that things run smoothly and there is no confusion. It also makes for a happier work place. It builds morale which helps with avoiding unhappy employees. They are less likely to want to work with others this way. Teamwork is what makes the best possible guest experience.


Teamwork is essential in all of our lives and it has been taught to us in various ways. The title of this post is a phrase that I heard everyday in Kindergarten and it still sticks with me today when I engage with my peers in school, at work, during games, during chores, etc. Operating a restaurant takes a village! Teamwork is extremely important. As said in the video from LobsterInk, “the foundation is as strong as its weakest link.” Having a positive attitude with coworkers has an impact on the guests as well. The positive energy reflects upon the operations side when there is effective communication taking place. Even the person doing to smallest and simplest actions makes a contribution to the team and operation. Teamwork is one word that consists of respect, trust, a positive attitude, willingness to help, effective communication, understanding the situation, support, commitment, empathy, etc. In order for a restaurant to operate efficiently, teamwork must be present.



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