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Target Audience and Sales Cycle

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In this assignment, you’ll continue your consideration of the product or service selected in Module 1. You will develop sections of the Final Sales Paper for your product of choice.


Assignment returned to you by your instructor. Make the corrections suggested by the instructor, then complete the following sections and retain the headers:

  • Identification of Target Audience and Possible Ethical Considerations: Who your target customer base is and if there are any ethical considerations with your product and/or customer base (approximately 1 page)
  • Customer Need or What Problems Does Product Solve: What is the reason your customer base needs your product? What issues does your product solve? (approximately 2 pages)
  • Sales Cycle of Product and Buying Cycle of Customer: Describe the sales cycle (transactional or long-term) for your product, as well as the buying cycle of your customer base (approximately 1 page)

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