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System Thinking Discussion Assignment

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Cite 1 peer-reviewed reference

150-265 word count

Read and respond to the following discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback suggestions or question(s).

Respond to the following:

I would explain Systems Thinking as- problem solving. The tool is made up of theoretical framework and practical methodologies that are used for understanding how and why systems behave the way they do (” Systems & Us”,). Plainly it is a system of thinking about systems.

A system is a set of elements that are organized to achieve something, it typically consists of elements, inter connections and functions or purpose (Meadows, 2008, Chapter 1).

What I like most about systems thinking is that it focuses on the bigger picture and helps users to understand how relationships and interactions are all needed to generate a solution. Seeing the bigger picture Is key for me because it allows you to see opportunities for improvement and this is crucial in my role. Many times, I get pulled in many directions which sometimes results in having to shift priorities, seeing the bigger picture allows one to evaluate things and prioritize appropriately. Health care is ever changing, and this tool provides new opportunities to understand and continually brainstorm and revise are understanding, which ultimately improves patient outcomes and health overall. 


Meadows, D. (2008). Thinking in Systems.

Systems & Us ().

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