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Sustainable Operations and SCM for McDonalds Report

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Introduction :(Approx. 175 words)

  1. Introduce the key topics of the report (This will include the organization concerned, it’s key operational plan &activities and how stakeholders and their requirements are identified by the organization).
    A common error is for students to think this relates to the historical development of the issue when its past often has little relevance to current situations. This background material should make the purpose of the report relevant. You may find it appropriate even at this early stage to use theoretical concepts.

2. Explain the purpose of the report. This should be phrased in the terms you would expect to use if the report was to be handed as a professional consultancy report to the organization concerned and other readers.

3.Outline the structure of your response.

4.Define any key terms (this might have been achieved in “1” above).

5.Be engaging and professional. By this, you should try to avoid the trap of starting the report with the words “in this report I am going to …” or similar.

Main Body

Keep the headings informative, and remember that “main body” is not appropriate.

Section 1: Outline the product and service including delivery, quality standards, and supply chain, an associated process and the usage of ICT. You should aim at only including description that you will rely on to substantiate your analysis.

Section 2:Analysis of the organisation:•Using diagnostic tools (Term 2 Assessment –Sustainable Operationsand SCM4

•Indicate Good practiceand/or•

Indicate where there is room for continuous improvement and change/ the operation deviates from the theoretical model of good practice.

Section 3:Explain your findings:

•If your analysis suggests that the organization is only demonstrating good practice, your analysis will need to be thorough and this section will not be needed.

•If your analysis suggests that the operation deviates from good practice / theoretical models, then this section should explain reasons for this.

Conclusion:(Approx.175 words)

This should:1.Briefly refer back to your task2.Summarise the key issues raised in sections 1 -3 the main body.

3.Summarise your findingsIt should not:

Contain any information that has not been discussed in the main body,

Summarize the topics covered

Contain any recommendations.

Care should be taken with grammar and spelling and your work should be referenced in accordance with Cite them Right.
If you prepare a good answer, you will probably find the word limit quite tight:
•Do make sure that you make sure that all your content is relevant.

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