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Sustainability and CSR Assignment

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This assignment is to build a case for why a company should do sustainability and CSR programs. 

must use Ben and jerry’s as the example

10 pages

MLA format

 To do this, you need to:

1.) Assess the costs and, more importantly, the many substantial and strategic benefits of doing a sustainability and CSR. Utilizing the class readings and case discussions in your answer This part of the paper is 66% of final paper grade.

2.) Read and assess a single company’s CSR, sustainability, or citizenship report. First, you have to choose a report that no one else in the class has chosen, and list the report chosen on the Canvas discussion board. Explain the extent to which the company recognizes and takes responsibility for the various social and environmental impacts of its business that you identify. This is 33% of final paper report grade.


1. Cite the course readings in the final assignment in completing this assignment. The readings have been carefully selected!

2. Sources used from outside the course readings are NOT NECESSARY but can be used. If you use other sources, these must be carefully and correctly cited, and your report should NOT plagiarize or you will fail the course. Any outside sources must be clearly indicated and documented, and not simply by a web address.

3. If you cite a course article, you can just cite the author’s name or case name.

Report Format

A) Executive Summary of one page or less. This is standard in business.

B) Social sustainability: Create a list of the internal benefits of CSR and social sustainability initiatives. These should be put in a table format. This includes the benefits that can accrue to employees, stakeholders, as well as the company in doing these programs. Citing the readings (not the cases) are important here, as they discuss many benefits.

For example, one benefit is a charitable donation. The benefit provide a tax deduction, hence the company reaps a financial benefit. It also possibly garners some good will by consumers (if it is reported by the media). There may be other benefits as well that are strategic and related to effective management.

The Dannon case provides as a good example that illustrate some of the internal social sustainability values of CSR programs. Explain why it was not their priority to advertise their CSR activities. Explain how a CSR strategy “fit” the firm’s management culture that values employees.

C) Environmental Sustainability: Discuss the emerging opportunities in the evolving “green markets.” In this part, cite strategic opportunities to pursuing green markets. One part of this would be to summarize the different green markets in the Clorox case and provide the strategic discussion as to how they successfully developed green brands. Summarize the benefits of these efforts for marketing, branding, reputation enhancement, etc.

D) Write a critique of a company’s CSR or Sustainability report that you read. Explain how the firm defined their specific “responsibility” in the report. Cite any shortcomings and weaknesses. Don’t just parrot what the report says. Be tough. Ask important questions. Raise issues:

Is the company doing enough?

Is it effective in taking action?

Is the company fully transparent in addressing all social and environmental responsibility concerns of all stakeholders, or is it just an exercise in trying to get favorable public relations?

What would you suggest that the company needs to do to be fully sustainable?

In the above assignment, do NOT forget the benefits that accrue to people, consumers, localities, and other stakeholders as well as the planet. Sustainability is not just about money (or solely an instrumental benefit to the firm’s shareholders alone). Triple bottom line thinking is required. Benefits are financial, social, and environmental, and these benefits are related to each other.

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