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Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

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SubstanceRelated and Addictive Disorders

Training Title 82Name: Lisa TremblayGender: FemaleAge: 33 years oldT 100.0 P 108 R 20 180/110 Ht 5’6 Wt 146lbsBackground: Lisa is in a Naples, FL detox facility thinking about long-term rehab. She is considering treatment for her Hep C+ but needs to get clean first. She has been abusing opiates, approximately $100 daily. She admits to cannabis 12 times weekly (“I have a medical card”), and 1/2 gallon of vodka daily. She haspast drug paraphernalia possession arrest. Her admission labs. abnormal for ALT 168 AST 200 ALK 250; bilirubin 2.5, albumin 3.0; her GGT is 59; UDS positive for opiates, THC. Positive for alcohol or other drugs. BAL .308; other labs within normal ranges. She reports sexual abuse as the child ages 69 perpetrator being her father who went to prison for the abuse and drug charges. She is estranged from him. Mother lives in Maine, hx of agoraphobia and benzodiazepine abuse. The older brother has not contact with family in the last 10 years, hx of opioid use. Sleeps 56 hrs., appetite decreased, prefer to get high instead of eating. Allergies: azithromycinSymptom Media. (Producer). (2017). Training Title 82

Training Title 114Name: Ally ChenGender: FemaleAge: 44 years oldBackground: Only child, raised by parents in Philadelphia, PA. Has PhD in biology and master’s degree in high school education (812). Her supervisor has asked the school EAP counselor to intervene with concerns regarding potential substance use in an effort to facilitate getting her help and be able to retain her. She is divorced and has a 4yearold son who lives with his father. Appetite is healthy, sleeping 9 hours/24 hrs., and wakes 23 times during the night. Denied drug use. hadDUI when she was age 21.

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Training Title 151Name: Daniela PetrovGender: FemaleAge:47 years oldT 98.8 P 84 R 20 B/P 132/90 Ht 5’8 Wt 128lbsBackground: Moved to Everett, Washington from Russia with her parents when she was 16 years old. Currently lives in Boise, Idaho. She has one younger 1 brother and 3 older sisters. Denied family mental health or substance use issues. No history of inpatient detox or rehab denied selfharm hx; Menses regular. uses condoms for birth control Has fibromyalgia. She works part-time cashier at Save A Lot Grocery Store. Dropped out of high school in 10th grade. Sleeps 56 hours on average, appetite good. Symptom Media. (Producer). (2018). Training Title 151
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