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Stress Management Discussion Questions

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Please answer the following questions.  Your answers are to be typed and explained in complete sentences.  There are five (5) questions worth five points each.  Please do not remove the questions and cite any sources that you use.  Total: 25 points

Question 1 (5 pts)                                                            

Define stress, including the three important aspects of stress explained in your book.  Describe the main differences between acute and chronic stress.

Question 2 (5 pts)

Explain how stressors are different today than they were in our ancestors’ times. Relate this to why and how stress has become a major contributing factor to disease and illness.

Question 3 (5 pts)

List and explain each step in the ABCDE technique for examining irrational beliefs that contribute to unnecessary stress.

Question 4 (5 pts)

Explain the relationship between growth, comfort zone, and fear.

Question 5 (5 pts)

Define spirituality and what it means to you.  Explain five qualities of spiritual health.

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