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Stress Management Assignment

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Often times, we talk about keeping our personal and work stress separate; however, there are times when this cannot be avoided. Pick a scenario and describe how you would handle the stress the situation could cause, using the stress reduction tools you have learned in this course. Use one of the models, from one of the textbooks, that best piqued your interest, and apply it to the scenario.

·         Your spouse is having an affair with your boss. (personal and work related)

·         Your child has been arrested for a felony, and your best friend is the prosecuting attorney.

·         Your sibling has developed a toxic relationship with your close co-worker and the coworker has become pregnant. The two have dissolved their relationship and you are stuck in the middle. (personal and work related)

·         You and your sibling happen to work in the same department. The two do not get along very well. Both of you are up for a promotion, and your sister has been given that promotion, which now makes her your boss. (personal and work related)

Remember that when picking one of the scenarios, you are focusing more on how you would handle the stress. In picking the scenario, be sure to address the challenges or barriers that could come when trying to reduce stress.

This paper should full eight pages in length (this does not include the title or reference page) and should include the textbook, as a reference.

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