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Strength Character Discussion Assignment

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Strength Character Discussion Assignment



Below are 24-character strengths.  Which of these most strongly describes who this person is and how they operate in life? Mark those strengths that you most clearly see in them. Aim to choose 5


  • Creativity: ingenuity; see and does things in new/ unique ways; original and adaptive ideas
  • Curiosity: novelty-seeking, takes an interest; open to different experiences; asks questions
  • Judgment: critical thinker; logical, analytical, thinks things through
  • Love of Learning: masters new skills, topics, passionate about knowledge and learning
  • Perspective: wise; provides wise counsel to others; sees the big picture; integrates others’ views
  • Bravery: valour, does not shrink from fear, speaks up for what is right
  • Perseverance: persist, industrious; overcomes obstacles, finishes what is started
  • Honesty: integrity; truthful; authentic
  • Zest: enthusiastic; energetic; vitality, feels alive and activated
  • Love: gives and accepts love; genuine, values close relations with others
  • Kindness: generous, nurturing, compassionate, altruistic, “nice”
  • Social Intelligence: aware of the motives and feelings of others and self; and what makes other people tick
  • Teamwork: team player; community focussed; social responsibility, loyal
  • Fairness: acts upon principles of justice; encourages and leads groups to get things done
  • Leadership: organizes group activities; encourages and leads groups to get things done
  • Forgiveness: merciful, accepts others’ shortcomings; gives people a second chance
  • Humility: modest; lets accomplishments speak for themselves; focuses on others
  • Prudence: careful, wisely cautious; thinks before speaking; does not take undue risks
  • Self-Regulation: self-controlled; disciplined; manages emotions and impulses
  • Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence: awe filled; quickly moved to wonder; marvels at beauty and greatness
  • Gratitude: thankful for the good; expresses thanks; feels blessed
  • Hope: optimistic; future-minded; has a positive outlook
  • Humor: playful; enjoys joking and bringing smiles to others; lighthearted
  • Spirituality: religious and /or spiritual; practices a faith; purpose and meaning driven. Strength Character Discussion Assignment

Step 2:

On the next page give a brief rationale or example of how you have seen this person display the strengths you have highlighted. Then send this sheet back to them today. Thank you.

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