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Strategic Organizational Issues on Projects

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Discussion Board: Project Planning Topic 2

Suppose you have a highly experienced and talented software developer, temporarily working for you on a client software development project. This individual’s time on the project will be ending in two weeks, and he is due to return to his home department. While your project is a high profile project for your company, you know that your project could do without his efforts at the end of the two weeks. At the same time, you are aware that his department is planning to do away with his position because of his department’s downsizing activities. You feel it is important that his talent and extensive experience be kept on the company payroll, although keeping him on your project will increase expenses unnecessarily. As the project manager, what will be your decision and why? Discuss your decision in the context of overall organizational strategy.

Initial posts should be 350 words minimum

Initial posts should include at least two peer-reviewed article/journal/book as a citation (not including the course textbook)

Use APA formatting to cite all of your sources: (Links to an external site.)

You can access the databases of peer-reviewed journals here: (Links to an external site.)

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