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Social Marketing Campaign In Organization

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Instructions: Answer the following questions

Question 1 (15 marks)

Describe the selected organization/venture and its target market/audience. Briefly describe the social marketing campaign or program you have selected.  (300 words).     

Question 2 (35 marks)

For the social marketer, “consumer behavior is the bottom line”. However, it is time that the social marketing community reflect upon whose behavior we should be trying to change. Arguably, people’s behavior is not just determined by their own choices but also by their social context.

Accordingly, assess the importance of “moving upstream” (that is, addressing the “upstream” influences) in the context of the selected social marketing campaign. (600 words).

HINT: You should research academic literature (on “moving upstream”) to arrive at a judgment about whether it is important or not to move upstream. Students should make an assessment of all the evidence to arrive at a defensible conclusion.

Question 3 (25 marks)

The defining feature of social marketing is its focus on behavior change. By referring to the matrix “Initiating and sustaining behaviour change: Messages and services”, explain how the selected organization initiates and sustains behavioral change to accomplish its social marketing objectives in the context of the campaign of your choice. Discuss the implications of this approach to the selected campaign. (550 words).

Question 4 (25 marks)

Assess whether the four Ps marketing mix is still fit for purpose in contemporary social marketing in the context of the selected campaign and organization. (550 words).

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