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Slavery Study Discussion Assignment

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The end of slavery comes with it various suggested plans on how to integrate former slaves into free society during and especially following the Civil War. From the 40 acres and a mule expectation to monetary compensations, much of what was proposed never came to fruition. It is what many historians consider to be one of the many failures of Reconstruction. Recently in the news we have been seeing a renewed debate over slavery reparations. Here are a few sources to read before you you write your response to the discussion

– Reparations for Slavery Reading from the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

– How Reparations Became a 2020 Campaign Issue from the New York Times.

– Reparations bill gets new attention amid BLM. Could other nations provide a blueprint? from USA Today.

In your post please analyze why this debate over slavery reparations has reemerged in the public? What are the cases being made for why slavery reparations should be made today? What do you see as the strongest reason for reparations to be made? What do you see as the weakest reason for reparations to be made? 

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