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Short Questions Discussion Assignment

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1. There are many reasons for a company to acquire other companies.  Name a specific real-life example and provide at least 2 reasons that might explain why this company decided to acquire the other. 

2. Describe a failed acquisition and provide at least 2 reasons for the acquisition’s failure.

3.  (Building an Ethical Career) how do you interpret the following passage from the article?

“We are all shaped more by our environment than we realize, so it’s also critical to choose a workplace that will allow, if not encourage, you to behave ethically. Not surprisingly, employees who feel that their needs, abilities, and values fit well with their organization tend to be more satisfied and motivated than their misaligned peers, and they perform better.”

 4.  (Building an Ethical Career) the article suggests reflecting on the ethical implications of our actions over the course of the day helps to maintain ethical standards.  What possible pitfalls could occur if you relied solely on self-reflection to guide you on the ethicality of your actions?

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