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Sexual Offense Cycle 1 Assignment

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Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker’s notes, which covers the following: (focus is child molesters)

  1. Identify prevention interventions for each phase.
  2. Identify how the interventions would vary for each sex offender based on their risk level.
  3. Describe how those interventions might be used. In other words, provide examples.
  4. Describe how you might include alternative models into the relapse prevention model to be inclusive.
  5. Describe legal statues that would influence implementation of the intervention plans.

Include a minimum 2 outside sources.

Format citations and reference list consistent with APA guidelines. The Title page and the reference list is not included in the slide count.

The cycle of offending will be different for each sexual offense type.

Build-up: Fantasy about pleasure and excitement->building sexual interest (using pornography)-> Avoiding interventions

Pre-Act out: (high risk factor occurring without intervention)-> deviant fantasies and masturbation->planning the assault->search for victim-> commitment to do the assault->gaining access to victim

*Child molester could begin grooming

Act out: The sexual assault (can take many forms, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sexual assault a child, rape teen/adult)

*some sex offenses are impulsive (exhibitionism, voyeurism, rape)

*assault of child could involve touching as a build-up to offending-> acting out stage could be much longer

Justification: Fear and guilt-> suppression emotions-> defense mechanisms (cognitive distortions, rationalizations to deny the sexual offense, harm to victim, emotions, etc.), vowing never to do it again (false resolve)->

Pretend Normal: working hard to deny deviant behavior to self-> playing the ‘good guy’-> (trying to return to normal life at home and at work)->Routine to daily routine->boredom

Triggering Event: external event that evokes entering cycle->could be seeing a child (child molester)-> other life events (financial problems, family issues, getting fired, having a fight, drug/alcohol)->lack of appropriate interventions

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