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Sexism Women In Politics Assignment

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Topic proposal: (10%)
Research question

● Paragraph on why this is interesting to you
Specific research you have done so far:
● what search terms have you used in what search engines?
● what are some of the academic sources that have come up?
● what books relate to this topic?
● what other kinds of sources have you found that might be relevant to answering your
Research plan and annotated bibliography: (15%)
Two paragraphs on how you plan to address your question. Is it a question that
requires statistics? Are you looking closely at one case? Are you offering a close reading of a
text/set of texts? These are some examples of ways you might go about answering a research
question. These paragraphs are also where you should also be thinking about why you
selected particular stats, cases, or texts. Why are your selections better for answering the
research question that others you may have considered?
Your annotated bibliography should have at least seven sources, and for each source
you should include at least two sentences explaining what that source is, and why it is
important for your research question.
First draft and peer review: (15%)

● 7-10 pages, 1-inch margins, 12 pt font. A peer review rubric will be uploaded to, and you will be required to fill the rubric out for two of your classmates, as well
as for your own paper. The rubric will include some Y/N questions, a few with a sliding scale,
and will ask you to conclude by listing three things you think the paper does well and three
things you think could be improved upon for the final draft. Your grade here will be based on
both uploading your own draft, as well as on your comments.
Final draft: (60%)
Your final drafts will be graded according to the following criteria:
Does the Introduction contain a clear argument (thesis) addressing the research question? Is the
argument supported thoughtfully throughout the paper with evidence?
Is the paper organized as a defense of the thesis?
Does the paper draw on useful and legitimate sources, while making use of these sources to support the
central claims? Does the paper demonstrate depth of engagement with the materials it cites? Are
quotations are used sparingly, and are they accompanied by analysis or exposition? Are all sources
(even when not directly quoted) cited, following a consistent citation style throughout?
Does the paper adhere to basic writing mechanics, including: grammar, punctuation, and avoidance of
sentence fragments and run-ons?
First Draft:
Does the paper build on the work done in and the comments received on the first draft?

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