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Seminar discussion and presentation Notes

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During the time that we spent together in our Senior Seminar Workshop, you were exposed to a number of different career pathways as described by our seminar speakers. When I invited them to come and present for you, I asked them to imagine that they could enter a virtual time machine and return to the past and reconnect with themselves when they were Seniors in College. I asked them to consider the following questions: 1) What advice would you give yourself regarding your career and life choices? 2) What, if anything would you do differently?

Please answer the following questions based on your experiences in Seminar this semester.

  1. After reflecting on your time at college, what advice would you share with our current First Year Engineering Class? Think of specific things that you wish someone would have told you when you were a First year student.
  • Please prepare a summary for the additional seminar speakers who you did not include in the first assignment. Please focus on what information that they presented that can help you in designing your dream career pathway. 
  • If you had the opportunity to talk with our speakers again, what questions would you ask them? (1 question per presenter, 2 – 4 points for each question, based on the quality of the question).
  • You are transported in your virtual time machine to time points 3, 10, and 20 year’s into your future. Describe what your ideal career is like, what you have learned from our speakers this semester that has contributed to your success, and what message, advice, lessons that your future self has for you to ensure that you achieve your goals.

    Be specific and think carefully as you present your ideas in a well prepared and articulated 2-3 page neatly typed essay

    Include aspects of 1) the importance of professional ethics in your career, 2) K-12 education outreach to inspire our next generation of scientists and engineers, and 3) specific aspects of how your future dream career will contribute to solving grand challenges (you may select as many challenges as you like with a minimum of 2-3).

List of Seminar Speakers – Fall 2018

September 6                – Dr. Otto Wilson (Keys to Career Success)

Septenber 13               – Dr. Randy Pausch (Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Video)

September 20 – Lieutenant Mary Coyne (Armed Forces and Service)

October 4                    – Dr. Darryl Baynes (Education, Entrepreneurship and Edutainment – How do we Inspire our next Generation)

October 11                  – Dr. Chris Danek (Engineering Entrepreneurship), Career Services (Networking – Megha Patel, Anthony Chiapetta)

October 18                  – Dr. Jay Richards (Economics: What the Past Can Teach us About the Future)

October 25                  – Mrs. Kim Clark (Journalist’s Perspective on the Importance of Effective Communication in Engineering)

November 8                – Dr. Gregory Clark (Career Advice and Perspectives from 3M to the Patent Office)

November 29              – Mr. Ralph Albano (Intellectual Property and Ethics)

December 6                 –Dr. Omid Kia (Intellectual Property)

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