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Security Policy Discussion Assignment

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Security Policy Discussion Assignment


For part 1 of the case project

  1. Copy and paste the five questions below to a Microsoft Word document then use the following link and provide the answers to those questions.

There are three links at the bottom of the paragraph on the above site that takes you to subcategories of Security Policies that you may need to use to get some answers. Security Policy Discussion Assignment

  1. How are Security policy rules evaluated?
  2. What comes before generic rules?  Why?
  3. Which traffic will generate a log entry?
  4. What are the required fields for a Security policy rule?
  5. If you configure the Action field to block traffic by silently dropping packets, what issue can that create for the end-user?

Firewall 9.1 Essentials: Configuration and Management

For part two of this Case Project

  1. Click on this link go to Beacon to login to your account.
  2. After you have logged in, click on this link take you to the Firewall 9.1 Essentials: Configuration and Management course on Beacon.
  3. Add Firewall 9.1 Essentials: Configuration and Management to your favorites (by clicking on the heart next to favorite above the title.
  4. To receive credit, you will need to take a screenshot of your favorites page from Beacon, showing you have added this course, with your profile name also visible in that screenshot.

(To capture your profile name, after you get to your Favorites page, click on your profile once more to bring up your profile name.  Take your screenshot so that it shows that you have added this to your favorites.)

  1. Paste the screenshot on same document as the five questions you answered from part one of this assignment.
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