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Security Plan Implementation Discussion

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DB1 (400 – 600 words) 

Create a main post that highlights 2 best practices regarding the implementation of a security plan. This can be anything from the organizational change management aspects (users) or the technical implementation (information technology staff).

  • Describe and evaluate each strategy.

DB 2 (400 – 600 Words)

The security awareness program for your company should include a time line of activities (such as security fair, or special “brown bag” meetings) and the types of communications (newsletters, placards, etc.) that would need to be sent to the users. Consider best practices for implementing your Enterprise Security Strategy Plan.

Identify at least 3 activities that would be part of your Enterprise Security Strategy Plan, and provide the following:

  • Approximate timing for roll out
  • Required communications
  • A brief explanation for choosing this implementation activity

DB 3 (400 – 600 Words)

Create a main post that highlights 2 key areas to either engage in the normal, everyday operations of a security team, or 2 key areas to monitor, and why. Explain why you have chosen these areas. Provide both the values you would hope to see and the actions you would take if what you saw was not in alignment with that optimal range.

Some examples are the following:

  • Security incidents (per week, month, or year)
  • Viruses detected
  • Administration violations (unauthorized changes)
  • Spam not detected
  • Invalid log-in attempts
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