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Schedule customer engagement activity

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Case Study

You work for the fictional organisation WAMCo as the Contact Centre Manager. WAMco is a beverages manufacturing company in Australia that sells locally and internationally.

You are responsible for managing two Team Leaders who supervise 20 Customer Service Representatives who provide telephone support to existing and new partnerships.

There is also 1 Sales Manager who manages 5 Contact Centre Sales Agents who are responsible for securing sales for both new and existing customers.

  • Contact Centre Operation hours: Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm
  • Contact Centre Manager: 8am till 4pm
  • Contact Centre Team Leaders: 8am till 4pm
  • Contact Centre Customer Service Representatives: 13x 8am till 4pm shifts and 8x 9.30am till 6pm

Scenario: You are wanting to engage with your customers to obtain feedback on your products, service delivery and customer overall satisfaction. Some of the feedback already received verbally is that sometimes waiting times are quite long especially during the late afternoons and 6pm closure times is difficult for those who are overseas.

To get you started, develop an effective customer engagement plan. In your plan, you must include the following

  • Purpose of engagement strategy?
  • Who is your target group?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Feedback on Contact Centre support
  • Areas of improvement
  • Waiting times on hold on telephone
  • Waiting times on deliveries
  • Promotions and incentives

You can complete customer engagement plan in Microsoft Word or in a PowerPoint Presentation. Remember to upload your plan in the section provided.


Task 1b

Following from your activity in Task 1a, you are now ready to commence your engagement activity. Create a survey that you can hand out in hard copy or email to your customers.

Your survey must include

  • Organisation name
  • Age and gender
  • At least 5 questions highlighting
    • Preferred method of communication
    • Engagement satisfaction – how satisfied are they with the service that they receive Price factor – are they satisfied with pricing in comparison with other competitors
    • Telephone support provided – are they satisfied with the level of after-sales support?
  • Remember to include rating star, grids or rating scale to measure feedback

Remember to upload your survey in the section provided.

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