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Roles of Managers in Relationship Building

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How we communicate has changed over time from an emphasis on official business letter correspondence and meetings to emails, chats, bots, virtual, video teleconferencing, and others. Today, managers still spend most of their time reading, though this is mode of communication is declining.

Relationship building is critical to a manager and an organization’s success. Making connections within and outside an organization are critical in today’s business environment.

In this discussion, consider the roles that managers play in communicating with employees and relationship building.   Trust and accountability are probably the two most important character traits stakeholders look for in “good” managers. Without trust, a manager will not be able to motivate and retain employees, implement goals and change, or relate the simplest of instructions to stakeholders and expect results.

Research in the UMGC library how trust, accountability, and communication issues impact work teams.  provide full citations for your sources.

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