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Response Discussion to Theoretical Orientation

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One key idea from the evolutionary psychology theoretical orientation the idea of natural selection (Cervone & Pervin, 2018). Evolutionary psychology suggests the way we think, feel, and behave today can be understood by considering which thoughts, feelings, and behaviors increased the rates of survival and reproduction of our ancestors. Natural selection is believed to have increased human ability to survive through selective reproduction (Michalski & Shackelford, 2010). Darwin proposed that natural selection occurs when individual characteristics vary and is heritable within a population and when there are variations in individual reproduction (Michalski & Shackelford, 2010). 

One Key idea from the integrative theoretical orientation is to restore the original identity of personality psychology with a focus on studies that includes the whole person as an  integrated system of psychobiological function (Fajkowska & DeYoung, 2015).

What is the main difference between these theoretical orientations are the integrative theoretical orientation is based on the idea that all personality psychology should be integrated and focused on the study of the whole person. The theories are similar in that they both focus on how cognitive, personality and behavioral changes occur through adaptation to the environment and how the environment influences change in personality.   

I am more closely aligned with the integrative theoretical orientation because it focuses on the person as a whole and considers all aspects of a person’s make up to study how both biology and environment influences personality and what makes each individual different.

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