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Respiratory System Function Assignment

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 Please place your first and last name, the due date, and the activity number in the upper right hand corner of every assignment (-5 if missing). 

 Please type the questions in bold black ink using Calibri with 12 point font (-10 if incorrect)

Please type the answers in black regular ink, not bold or any other color (-10 if incorrect). 

 Please use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar (-1 point for every error).

 Please copy the question and paraphrase each answer in your own words.  No credit will be awarded for any copied answers.  You must reference your sources after each question. Ex. Textbook page numbers, power point slide numbers, you tube video title and up loader and link, quizlet title, uploader and link etc. at the end of each set of information in parenthesis.  (-2 each time it is missing).

 You must completely answer each part of the question in order to receive full credit.  In other words, you will not receive partial credit if you do not answer each part of the question.  Please see the projected learning for the due date and time.  

Chapter 19: Respiratory System: (100 points)

1. Identify the organs of the respiratory system and describe their functions. (20 points)

2. Contrast internal and external respiration and explain the role of the alveolar-capillary membrane. (20 points)

3. Describe the events involved in pulmonary ventilation and discuss the significance of pleura. (20 points)

4. Explain the mechanism of oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in the blood. (20 points)

5. Describe the various factors that control the rate of respiration. (20 points)

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