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Research Study On Nursing Clinical Issue

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Students will submit a research problem statement for a nursing clinical issue in their speciality practice area and apply the research steps learnt from this unit in their research presentation. The points to be covered are:

·Background of the problem

·Clear statement of research questions·Relevance/significance of the proposal

·Literature relevant to the problem identified

·Review includes an objective analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the various studies related to the problem

·Related literature is a summary, report or synthesis of research material

·Potential impact of proposed study on wider community discussed

·Appropriate summary of the main emphasis of the proposed study

Assessment criteria

·Select literature/ research articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic. Your articles must be ≤5 years old.

·Your assignment should have an introduction, body (which is the content of the issues) and a conclusion.

·USE APA 7th FORMAT. Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper. Information must be from academic journals, books etc. use google scholar or collage library.

·The assignment will be marked according to the rubric below.

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