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Research questions peoples’ Beliefs and Actions

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Qualitative research answers questions about peoples’ beliefs and actions. It starts with gaps in the existing research or conversation surrounding a topic and uses primary source research—interviews, surveys, and observations—to answer a question that will fill that gap.

To successfully complete the qualitative research paper, follow this step-by-step process that includes assignments built into the next few weeks of class:

  1. Choose a topic in which there is a debate or a problem (the discussion forum will help with this).
  2. Find 5-7 sources that explore the debate or problem from a variety of different perspectives (you’ll complete the annotated bibliography to show your work here).
  3. Use the mapping worksheet to identify a gap in the conversation. What is NOT being said?
  4. Formulate a research question that
    • addresses the gap in the conversation
    • is open-ended
    • is about what people think, feel, or do.
  5. Find someone to interview, whose experience or expertise will help you answer that question.
  6. Write a qualitative research paper that explains how your interview helped you answer your research question.

Assignment Requirements

  • 5-7 credible, scholarly secondary sources
  • 1 interview
  • Organize using the qualitative research paper framework
  • 1500-2000 words in length
  • APA format

TOPIC: Equality and status of women in societyResearch questions: 

  • What are the benefits of social media platforms on online learning?
  • To what extent has the social media networks negatively affected students?
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