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Research Project Respond Post

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Research Project Respond Post


My research project is on work/life balance, how to manage it better in the real world.  My audience is Human Resources and the Benefits teams from various corporations.  I am going to be speaking to them about what steps can be used to help support their employees manage their time better while taking care of their personal life as well.  I would use a PowerPoint presentation with my lists of how-to’s and explain by defining and simplifying the list.  Using analogy my statement to go along with it would be:

Work-life balance is simplified to getting our work done and our personal life accomplished with balance on a daily basis with minimal stress, here is where an anecdote may come in to explain how to be effective with the balance.  Make a reasonable to-do listing for the day that includes breaks, lunch without work, and clocking out at the normal time with leaving work at work.  Just mere examples of little steps and working smarter not harder can have a better outcome for all involved.  Followed by the PowerPoint and explaining each step but defining and simplifying and still motivating the audience.

The list is as follows:

  • Managing your time, prioritize what needs attention now and what can be done later.
  • Learning to say “No”
  • Asking for help or partner with others, shared work.
  • Your workspace should be user-friendly and easy to navigate from one task to another.  Stay on target.
  • What meeting can be done virtually?
  • Love what you do, you tend to care more.

All of these principles are ways to explain your topic, being clear, with terms that my audience will understand and want to know more about.

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