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Research Paper Phase 1 Planning

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Research Paper                                                  

Research Paper: Students this project will allow you to formulate and hypothetically develop your own research project. The purpose of this project is for the student to complete all the steps necessary to implement a nursing research project.  This project will be subdivided into 4 PHASES submitted throughout the entire semester. The final paper will be the combination of the four PHASES

Phase 1-Planning

Phase 1 is the planning stage of a research project; students are to prepare a 4-5-page paper identifying a specific topic you would like to investigate and relates to transitional nursing. You will briefly introduce the situation by utilizing published nursing research articles to support your statement. This paper will also include:

  1. Introduction to the Problem
  2. Clearly Identify the Problem
  3. Significance of the problem to Nursing
  4. Purpose of the research
  5. Research questions
  6. Master’s Essentials that aligned with your topic
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