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Research Methods in Criminal Justice

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Using the DeFronzo research study, break down the study into its corresponding research components. Answer each of the following six questions below based on each separate research component. Your answers should be 200-350 words each. Remember to utilize your textbook as needed to assist you in responding to these questions. Provide your full source references at the end of the worksheet.

  1. Identify the research purpose of this study (as identified in your textbook in Chapter 1). What is DeFronzo’s central research question?

The main aim of this research study was to determine and analyze the burglary rates for 141 cities within America. DeFronzo decided to determine the relationship between government welfare and its impact and personal mentality of individuals on burglary cases.  He came up with several factors which he thought contributes most to burglary cases some of which were direct connected to personal lives while others came up due to government impact.

  1. Identify the independent variable(s). Identify the dependent variable(s). Identify any additional control variable(s).

                The dependent variables include:-

  • Cost of living- it’s a dependent variable because it depends on the rate of employment. If there is a lot of unemployment the cost of living will be very low and the cases of burglary will be also high.
  • Household status – is a dependent variable since it depends on the average payment amount per recipient.  If the amount of payment per head is low, the recipient will not be in a position to satisfy the household needs leading to burglary cases.

                Independent variables include:-              

  • Population size- it is an independent variable since it does not depend on any other variable to make an impact on burglary cases. This indicates that the higher the population the higher the cases of burglary and vice versa.
  • Percentage of female-headed households- it does not depend on another variable since the head of the household does not affect the burglary cases (Maxfield, 2014).
  1. Identify the general population of subjects being used. Based on this population, what sampling strategy did DeFronzo employ? Identify the sampling technique and describe the resulting sample of subjects (people, places, or things) analyzed in the study.

A stratified method of sampling was used to determine the impact of variables in the burglary cases and a randomized population was used from the total population of 141 American cities. The population was divided into subgroups to determine the effect of cost of living and burglary rates which produced almost the same as when the mean was determined (p<.001)    

  1. Identify the research design used. Explain why this particular design was utilized in comparison to other possible designs.

DeFronzo used experimental research design since it is the design that establishes the relationship between the cause and the effect of a situation. It is also the best design to be used in this study since the participants can change their actions and observe the reactions of people around them (Senese, 2017).

  1. Identify the data collection methods used in this study to measure the variables.

The type of data collection method used in this research study is reporting whereby the strength of the variables is still subjected to further analysis and also there is the presence of a table.

  1. Assess the validity and reliability of this research study based on the research components.

The government can rely on this research study since it gives information on factors that lead to burglary and mostly the main factors and how they are related to one another.


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