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Research Ancestry DNA Kits

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There are many avenues to testing your ancestry through DNA Kits. Find a website that offers the testing and answer the following question.

  1. Which DNA testing site did you research?
  • What is the process to submitting your DNA and how long until you hear back?
  • Does the company address the privacy and protection of the DNA submitted? If so, what does it state?
  • Are there any medical tests done on the DNA supplied or just lineage? If medical testing is conducted, what specifically does the site look for?
  • Is there any indication as to how many DNA markers they use to trace your ancestry? How many markers are indicated?
  • Do they look at Y-chromosome, mitochondrial DNA and/or autosomal chromosomes?
  • How far back does the kit trace (in years)?
  • What ethnic regions are covered by the test?
  • Does the site offer further resources to contacting relatives that were discovered during the testing?
  1. If you have submitted a kit before tell me about your results and what surprised you?
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