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Reflective Technology Attacks Assignment

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Respond to the scenario below in a paper using correct APA formatting. Double space your work. Use Times New Roman 12 points. You must include both a separate title and reference page.

You are being graded on your ability to formulate a logical solution to the problem. You should focus on critical thinking skills, ability to analyze the problem and come up with a solution to the problem described below.

You are working as an IT security professional for an organization (called Web Site 101) that has 300 employees, one large corporate office with three floors. Your organization is a website development company with gross revenue of two million dollars per year.

Recently security problems have become a hot topic with management and you have been asked by the CISO (chief information security officer) to write a security recommendation paper for your organization. Security problems include:

  • Data loss due to employee negligence
  • Physical break ins
  • Employees complain they do not understand what is expected of them from a security standpoint
  • The network administrators complain the company allows free access to anything on the network for anyone who asks
  • Web Site 101 home Web page was recently hacked

You are to write a paper making recommendations to help correct the security issues at Web Site 101. The paper should cover access control methods, physical access controls, risk assessment and environmental controls and other items you feel important to ensure future information security at Web Site 101.


  1. Include a title page.
  2. Font size 10 or 12.
  3. At least one full double-spaced page in length, not counting the title page.
  4. Includes a highly developed viewpoint, purpose and exceptional content.
  5. Demonstrates superior organization, is well-ordered, logical, and unified.
  6. Free of grammar and spelling errors.
  7. No evidence of plagiarism.
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